Who may want to connect with Natick SEPAC

  • Parents who suspect their child may have some learning or behavioral challenges.   Is he/she struggling in school?  Does your child have attention issues? Is he/she socially awkward or isolated?
  • Parents with children on IEPs and 504s or parents just learning about the student services process who have questions or may need support from other parents
  • Parents and educators interested in receiving email notification on workshops, events, or legislative activity.

We welcome your questions! Please email us at NatickSEPAC@gmail.com

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Natick SEPAC 2020-2021 School Liaisons
BEN-HEM:  Gela Fuxman
BROWN:   Emily Davis
LILJA: Elise Gorseth  
JOHNSON: Dani Newland
WILSON:  Sarah Lin 
KENNEDY: Lilian Barbadora and Lauren Mann
HIGH SCHOOL:  Jennifer French and Linda Tardif
OUT of DISTRICT:  Jennifer French 

Email us at NatickSEPAC@gmail.com and we will put you in touch with your School Liaison.

SEPAC membership is open to any parent, guardian, educators, and other parties interested in special education in the Natick Public Schools.  New members are welcome at any time.  All members shall strive to uphold the SEPAC mission as stated in the Natick SEPAC by-laws.

Information on volunteering can be found here