Role Eligibility guidelines and Board Member Job Descriptions

Board Member Job Descriptions


  • Set the agenda for each meeting.
  • Preside at all meetings.
  • Coordinate the work of the SEPAC Board members and committees.
  • Act as liaison between the SEPAC and Natick Student Services with regular communications with the Student Services Director.
  • Act as liaison between SEPAC and the Natick School Committee.
  • Prepare next Chair by sharing knowledge and expertise at the end of term.


  •   Post meetings, agendas, and approved minutes according to open meeting law.
  •   Record and post minutes of business meetings.
  •  Coordinate the approval of the meeting minutes in a timely manner.
  •   Maintain attendance log for purposes of voting membership.
  •   Manage funds collected, donated, and spent for the SEPAC

 Communications Coordinator:

  • Maintain the Natick SEPAC communication tools including Gmail list, webpage and Facebook page
  • Coordinate all public communications and communications to SEPAC members, not including those communications that are the responsibility of the Secretary.
  • Support in marketing upcoming events, speakers, workshops, etc.

Programs Coordinator(s):

  • Coordinate the SEPAC programs
  • Collect feedback and propose programming recommendations
  • Coordinate volunteers to help plan, manage, organize and implement programs
  • Partner with Communications coordinator to advertise and market programs
Natick SEPAC Role (Board / Liaison)  Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility for the SEPAC Board and School/Out of District Liaison roles shall be limited to any general member who is: 
  • a Natick resident and a parent/guardian of a current student receiving Special Education services administered through the Natick School District and;
  • who has attended at least one previous Natick SEPAC meeting in the past 12 months.
  • In addition, for the School Liaison role:  The Liaison’s child must be attending the particular school they will be representing
  • In addition, for the Out of District Liaison role:  The Liaison’s child must be receiving services Out of District.

Please contact Natick SEPAC at prior to May 11 if interested in a role.  If you are unsure and have questions please feel to reach out to

The information on this page comes from the Natick SEPAC Bylaws